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This is our “Breaking Bad” life size Drug Lab, Prison and Los Pollos Hermanos Mini Restaurant scenes. This feels like you just walk onto the set of this award winning TV show. Hang with Walter White and Jesse. All the mannequins are hand done and look like the characters on the show. They are wearing production and screen used costumes. Hazmat suits, shirts, screen used props including blue meth and money are part of the amazing display. 

Planet of The Apes  Comic Con Display

Video tour of  our 1500sq/ft Stargate Ancient Egyptian Tomb Display 

We are in the process of creating other full size movie displays with screen used props. 

                                                                                                                                                                                      These are the planned future full size display scenes with screen used props from the following movies:

2022 - Breaking Bad Display                                                                                                                                      2023 - Upgraded Stargate Movie / Stargate SG1 Display                                                                                    2024 - Upgraded Planet of the Apes Display                                                                                                          2025 - Terminator (All Movies) Display                                                                                                            2026 - Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas Display                                                                                                            2027 - Upgraded Walking Dead / Horror Movies Display                                                                                    2028 - Doom Movie Display                                                                                                                                    2029 - Limitless Display                                                                                                                                              2030 - Bruce Lee 90th Anniversary Display                                                                                                            2031 - Demolition Man Display                                                                                                                              2032 - Star Wars (All Movies) Display                                                                                                              2033 - Blindspot TV Show Display                                                                                                                    2034 - Almost Human TV Show Display                                                                                                                2035 - Sci-Fi / Aliens From Different Movies Display                                                                                                                    

 ****** Our apoligies as we have not been able to set up and take current pictures of our new set as COVID has shut down all current Comic Cons ******

We have a full size “Planet of the Apes” jungle scene with screen used props (which we are in the process of doubling in size with new props) including 2 amazing complete sets of Gorilla suit of armor along with a large 12 ft high by 4 ft wide Gorilla army red tent made out of actual screen used tents (most were destroyed in the battle scene) and in addition it will include a screen used 3 foot tent topper. Also included are custom made Civilian apes and a Human Warrior, all wearing screen used costumes designed and made by Coleen Atwood, who has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design twelve times, winning four times. The scene includes moving torch fires, moving camp fire, real life size trees, jungle back ground and sounds. Original Rick Baker production made gorilla masks and many other screen used props are on display as well. Aleks Paunovic who played the ape "Winter" in "War for the Planet of the Apes" thought our display was cool. We just acquired a large amount of screen used Red Army tent material and a screen used 4 foot Tent Topper so between the two our tent will be double in size and almost screen accurate.

Click to watch a video tour of our Planet Of The Apes Display

Click to watch a video tour of our Zombie Display

We've completed our Stargate display upgrade and it was debuted at Gatecon - The Celebration in Vancouver Sept 1-5, 2022.

We have a life size 1500 sq/ft “Stargate Ancient Egyp[tian Tomb” scene with a detailed full size Stargate that is over 18 feet X 12 feet, has light up crystals, realistic moving water effect with sound just like the show. We also have Stargate 1994 movie Ra and Anubis production used heads which are very cool. So are all the other amazing screen used Stargate movie and TV props displayed including amazing looking screen used Stargate Origins Ra and Horus Heads. Gary Jones who portrayed US Air Force technician Sgt Walter Harriman, the Stargate operator for 10 years on the TV series, said he was impressed with our gate :) . At Gatecon actor David DeLuise said this to his brother Peter DeLuise (Stargate television producer, and screenwriter) “This is the awesome display I was telling you about”. Peter's response “This is good….. real good”. We were told by staff that later he mentioned our display again and that he was genuinely impressed. The staff said it’s not often he says that so they said we really did impress him. ​We've had many other Stargate actors check out our Stargate and display and all have been wowed as well. 

Moving Moaning Zombie  Comic Con Display

Click to see our concept art floor  plan for our Breaking Bad Display

 ****** Our apoligies as we have not been able to set up and take current pictures of our new set as COVID has shut down all current Comic Cons ******

Click to see our floor  plan for our Zombie 2022 Display

Future Comic Con Displays

Video of  our  full size Stargate with actual working event horizon 

This is our  Zombie Walker display with screen used costumes and props from, "The Walking Dead”, “Resident Evil”, “Warm Bodies”, "Zombieland" and “I Am Legend”  and includes gory life like actual moving and moaning life size zombies, right down to door busting zombies and other horror movie screen used props. Denise Crosby, who played Tasha Yar on Star Trek -  The Next Generation and played "Mary" on The Walking Dead had to stop by and check out our display. Her words were "This is so amazing".

We are in the process of doubling this display in size and we adding a mannequin wearing a Production used Tallahassee's (Woody Harrelson's Photo Double) Costume, a Zombie coming out of the ground wearing a screen used resident Evil face mask and a replica Resident Evil full size Zombie dog plus many other screen used Zombie props from different movies and TV shows

Breaking Bad Comic Con Display

Stargate Comic Con Display

Comic-Con and other event organizers can also pick and choose what they would like at their conventions and can even co-ordinate having special guests and actors to coincide with displays we have, giving their fans a once in a life time experience. And if we attend in following years our show is never the same as new movie display scenes are debuted each year and existing ones have changes and additions to them. We also have hundreds of other screen used props from different movies that can be put on display at any time as well.

  Click to see our floor   plan for our Planet Of The Apes 2023 Display

Click to watch a video tour of our Breaking Bad Display