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 Empire Movie Memorabilia has a very unique approach to TV and movie props. It started slowly as a hobby almost 25 years ago, with originally collecting a few pictures signed by Movie and TV stars.... then getting a couple of very small movie props..... Then we got a large Stargate prop. A golden panel from one of the Ra Pyramid Ships used in the 1994 Stargate movie..... and away we went collecting screen used movie props from big name movies and TV shows. We now have over 400 props in our private collection. So, not only do we have a large collection of one of a kind screen used props, but now, as a business, we display them in amazing ways at Comic-Cons, conventions, movie premieres and other community events.

Our screen used props are displayed for the public to view but they are displayed in such a way that people get a total experience of sight, sound and touch. This is unlike anything people have had in the past at events. Most times when people attend a Comic-Con or convention there are usually no real movie props or a few if they are lucky. And the few are usually displayed under glass or on 1 or 2 headless mannequins.

" This is where Empire Movie Memorabilia comes in !!! "

Not only do we have a huge variety of screen used props to show but they are displayed in a way that puts the people attending events in the movie itself.

Different custom made full size movie set displays are created by us to showcase props from different movies

- We have a life size “Stargate” scene that encompasses almost 1500 sq/ft. The scene includes 10 eight foot tall Egyptian pillars, walls with Egyptian murals. It also includes screen used Stargate props and wardrobe and a detailed full size Stargate that is over 18 feet X 13 feet. People can get their picture taken with some iconic props and have their picture taken in front of the Stargate. We even do video's for them in front of the moving gate with the Stargate TV theme music playing as part of the excitement

- We have a “Breaking Bad” life size Drug Lab, Prison and Los Pollos Hermanos Mini Restaurant scenes with screen used costumes and props. People can get their picture taken with some iconic props and have their picture taken in the drug lab, prison cell and behind the restaurant counter wearing the famous Los Polos Hermanos hat and apron

- We have a life size Zombie Walker scene with screen used costumes and props from big name Zombie TV shows and horror movies. People can get their picture taken with some iconic props and have their picture taken with the zombies

- Also part of our display line up includes a full size “Planet of the Apes” jungle scene and Gorilla Army tent scene with screen used props. (We are just in the process of upgrading the larger display). And people will be able get their picture taken with some iconic props and have their picture taken in the tent

Plus we are in the process of building many more displays from different movies

Please see our "About Us - Display" page to see  Comic Con displays we have available for shows

So, not only do the fans see a huge collection of screen used props, they take away their experience with photos and videos. When they show friends their pictures and videos it looks like they were actually in the different movies.

Plus, we have screen used props for them to buy and take home.

" Now tell us where else can you find something like this ??? "...at your next Comicon or event if you book us :)

Our cost to attend can be incorporated into you ticket prices and your attendees can then stop by and see the all the cool screen used props, take pictures and video's at no cost. So we become a big drawing card for your show.

Empire Movie Memorabilia has contacts in Hollywood California, Vancouver Canada and London UK. All of our props are original and authentic as they are from other reputable prop dealers or are from persons who have actually worked on the movie or television set.

Empire Movie Memorabilia - Where Fantasy Becomes Reality - Changed its name recently .... from Empire Movie Props .... as we are more than just props now : 

mem·o·ra·bil·i·a – (noun) - definition - objects kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events. “Film memorabilia” - objects considered of value because of their connection to the cinema. These include costumes, props, advertising posters, and scripts, among other things.

25 years ago, we started collecting movie items and props. 7 years ago, we had our first small display which started out with a couple of tables with props at a convention and some big dreams. Today those dreams are becoming a reality. Not only do we have screen used movie props, but we also have screen used wardrobe, signed photo’s, we fix and restore props, we custom make mannequins, we build large movie displays with props and costumes from some of the biggest TV shows and movies which we display at conventions. We sell all types of movie memorabilia now. In seeing how far we have come we reflected on what we are now. We felt “Props” just didn’t convey who and what we are today. So, we have changed things ever so slightly.  

We buy and sell movie and television props too.

* See an interesting fact about the owner of Empire Movie Props having the security contract  for a large TV production in 2002  on the Convention page :)