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Some photo's of when we took the Gatecon Stargate filming location tour 

Some of the places we saw:

Bloedel Conservatory     

Teal'c's Apartment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mary's Cafe

Sam's House

Vanier Park (Observatory and Planetarium)

Art Gallery

Stanley Park
Sulfer Hills

Bridge Studios


Jack's Cabin

Stargate's David Blue "Eli Wallace" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Peter Flemming "Agent Malcolm Barrett" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Other Notable Guests Stopping By And Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Andrew Jackson "Supreme High Councilor Per'sus" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of having David Nykl stop by and say hi. Dan played Dr. Radek Zelenka. Nice guy !! David signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Andee Frizzell stop by and say hi. Alina played “Wraith Hive Queen”. Nice lady !! Andee came in with a group of actors all wanting to see the Stargate and display and in all the confusion we forgot to get a picture of her signing the back of our Stargate :( Next Time :)

Johns Brothers meet the DeLuise Brothers …..So a little while after my brother and I had watched the Deluise brothers on stage at Gatecon we were having an interview with “Dial The Gate” when a crowd of people come in and Peter and David DeLuise are at the forefront. They come walking to the Stargate and David says to his brother Peter “This is the awesome display I was telling you about”. My jaw hit the ground. Not only were there 2 amazing actors and producers standing in front of me but I was in disbelief of what I just heard David say. Peter started chatting and asking questions about our display and then began telling us cool behind the scenes stuff that happened on the Stargate series. My brother Jason had jumped in and we were all chatting. We talked for 20-30 minutes. Both signed the back of the gate (signatures together) but before Peter and David left we all shook hands and David said “This is good….. real good”. My jaw dropped again. I was told by staff that later he mentioned our display again and that he was genuinely impressed. The staff said it’s not often he says that so they said we really did impress him. Again a jaw drop. That alone made a year and a half of hard work, stress and frustration worth every minute….. and on top be able to share this moment with my brother


We had the pleasure of having David Blue stop by and say hi. David played “Eli Wallace”. Nice guy !! David signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Jay Brazeau stop by and say hi…. we’ll actually "Comtrya". Jay played “Harlan” an android in SG1 ‘Tin Man’ and ‘Double Jeopardy’. Super nice guy and signed the back of our Stargate.

Stargate's Gary Jones "CMSgt. Walter Harriman" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Andee Frizzell "Wraith Hive Queen" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of having Robert Murray Duncan stop by and say hi. Robert played "Dr. Melburn Jackson" and  "Seth"”. Nice guy !! Robert signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Alaina Huffman stop by and say hi. Alina played “Lt. Tamara Johansen”. Nice lady !! Alina signed the back of our Stargate.

Dean Aylesworth who played Anubis in "Stargate SG-1" stopped by Gatecon and had an iconic moment…. He held Empire Movie Memorabilia’s production used Anubis head from the 1994 Stargate movie in front of our Stargate. And of course he had to have his picture taken with Ra and Horus. Really awesome guy !!

Gatecon Stage Display

We had the pleasure of having Darren Summer stop by and say hi. Darren created GateWorld in 1999 and is the site's managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three spin-off Stargate fans. GateWorld is the Web's most complete, most updated Stargate news and reference guide! Stargate news, episode summaries and in-depth analyses, plus spoilers and info on all the latest Stargate news ... !! Darren signed the back of our Stargate.

 Stargate's Erick Avari  “Kasuf” Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Johns Brothers Meet The DeLuise Brothers

Stargate's Mika McKinnon Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Dan Payne Who played Numerous Characters Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Mike Dopud Who played Numerous Characters Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

1500sq/ft Stargate Ancient Egyptian Tomb Display At Gatecon

We had Douglas Arthur stop by and check out our Stargate and Ancient Egyptian Tomb display. Douglas played Kah'l in the SG1 episode “The Serpent's Lair” and the System Lord Heru'ur in several SG1 episodes. Douglas said he loved the display and he signed the back of the gate for us. Really nice guy !!!

We had the pleasure of having Dan Payne stop by and say hi. Dan played numerous characters including Anubis' Ashrak, Nirrti's Jaffa commander, SSgt. Allan, Vala Mal Doran, Lt. Reed, several Kull Warriors and Jaffa's, and a Wraith King. Nice guy !! Dan signed the back of our Stargate.

Stargate's Jay Brazeau "Harlan" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Robert Murray Duncan "Dr. Melburn Jackson" and "Seth"" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Fans stopping by and visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Darren Summer From GateWorld Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

-As always my adorable Wife Beverley. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to do these conventions

-My Brother Jason and Debra stopped by to show support

-We had the pleasure of having Allan Gowan & Richard Pasco who were the producers of Gatecon and invited us to attend with out Stargate Ancient Tomb Display. They also had us help design and build parts of their Gatercon stage

-Aaron and Debbie stopped by. Aaron owns Atomic Bombshell and does awesome props. The details are absolutely amazing with his work. His R2D2 is an exact working copy of the original and is even registered with Lucas Films

-Remington Philips from SG1 Props stop by and say hi. He makes some awesome Stargate prop reproductions.

-We had Margaret Bickford who was the Stargate Actors "Handler" and brought everyone by to say hi for pictures and signing.

-We had "Dorcas" who is the #1 Stargate fan of all time

-We had "Miss Replicator" stop by with her replicator and we had some great pictures

-And we had Ms Stargate Atlantis stop by

We had the absolute pleasure of having Erick Avari, who played “Kasuf” in the original 1994 Stargate movie and in the Stargate SG1 series, stop by and see Empire Movie Memorabilia. He signed our Stargate and he signed his original wardrobe continuity photo and page we have from the 1994 movie. He loved it as he hadn’t seen it in 25 years. Erick also surprised us by giving us one of his personal photos he has kept in his private collection from the 1994 movie. It was a behind the scenes photo of Erick, James Spader and director Roland Emmerich discussing a scene they had just shot. Erick signed it before giving it to us. It was his way of thanking us for giving something back to the Stargate fans. This meant so much as he is our all time favourite actor. We also have a few candid shots of Erick checking out our Stargate display and of course he loved seeing the screen used props from the movie. Erick took almost an hour looking at and discussing each piece in the collection. He said he was impressed with the display and appreciated us building it and sharing it with Stargate fans

We had the pleasure of having Sabine C. Bauer stop by and say hi. Sabine C. Bauer has written novels based on the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis television series. Wonderful Lady !! Sabine signed the back of our Stargate.

This was debuted at Gatecon 2022 in Richmond BC, September 1st to 5th. Gatecon is one of the largest Stargate conventions in North America. This was Stargate’s 25 anniversary and we were asked to attend to display our huge 1500 sq/ft “Stargate Ancient Egyptian Tomb” display. The display included ancient Egyptian painted walls (each side is 40 feet long), 10 eight foot tall ancient stone looking pillars, our full size working Stargate (over 12 feet high), 14 custom made life like mannequins wearing screen used outfits from the show and lots of other screen used props from the 1994 Stargate Movie, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Origins miniseries. Over 40 Stargate guest stars from the TV series and movie attended and were enthralled with our display with 


And we especially would like to thank all the fans for stopping by and checking out our Stargate display. Here are some candid shots 

Stargate's Sabine Bauer Stargate Writer Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Dean Aylesworth "Anubis" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of having Mike Dopud stop by and say hi. Mike played “of Colonel Ruslan Chernovshev and Odai Ventrell on Stargate SG-1, Kiryk on Stargate: Atlantis and Varro on Stargate: Universe plus numerous other characters. Cool guy !! Mike signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Peter Flemming stop by and say hi. Peter played “Agent Malcolm Barrett”. Great guy !! Peter signed the back of our Stargate.

Empire Movie Memorabilia had the honor of helping design and build the stage at Gatecon 2022 with its pillars and ancient Egyptian backdrops.


Stargate's David Reed From "Dial The Gate" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Jack and the gang invited me over to Jack's cabin then they played a trick on me....AGAIN !!...They're always pulling jokes on me LOL 

We Took The Gatecon Stargate Filming Location Tour

Stargate's Douglas Arthur "Heru'ur" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Terry Rothery "Dr. Janet Fraiser" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of having Colin Cunningham stop by and say hi. Colin played “Major Paul Davis”. Great guy !! Colin signed the back of our Stargate.

We had another amazing visit from Paul McGillion who Played "Dr Carson Beckett"  on Stargate Atlantis and Ernest Littlefield on SG1. Super nice guy and super funny !! We've know Paul for several yaers ands he's been with us at other conventions. Paul signed the back of our Stargate.

Stargate's Peter Williams "Apophis" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of having Andrew Jackson stop by and say hi. Andrew played “Supreme High Councilor Per'sus”. Great guy !! Andrew signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Gary Jones stop by and say hi again. AND HE BROUGHT THE WHOLE GANG !!! Gary played CMSgt. Walter Harriman who operated that gate for 10 years on the show. Super Nice Guy !! We have known Gary for several years and he actually gave us the advise and inspiration to build our 1500sq/ft Stargate display and go bigger and better with all our other displays. THANKS GARY YOU"RE THE BEST !!!!! Gary signed the back of our Stargate.

So this was a cool experience. Peter Williams who played Apophis in Stargate SG1 stopped by to check out Empire Movie Memorabilia’s display at Gatecon. He checked out our screen used Apophis guards which he hadn’t seen in 25 years. These are from the pilot “Children of the Gods”. We included a screen shot of the scene he was in with them. Peter also signed our Stargate and screen used Apophis belt he used in the show and we took a picture of him holding it in front of our Stargate. 

Heading To Jack's Cabin For A Visit With The Gang

We had the pleasure of having David Reed stop by and say hi. David is the author and news editor of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SG:U: The Official Magazine. David is also Stargate Worlds Community Manager, GateWorld Co-Editor/Columnist/Journalist, Stargate Props Curator at Propworx & the host of The Official Stargate Podcast. David is a co-host of Dialing Home interview series team up with Christopher Judge. David has done 3 interviews with Empire Movie Memorabilia.  Super awesome guy and is a walking Stargate encyclopedia !! David signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Terry Rothery stop by and say hello. Terry played “Dr Janet Fraiser” who looked after all the SG Teams medical needs on the show’. Really really nice lady and she took the time to signed the back of our Stargate.

We had the pleasure of having Mika McKinnon stop by and say hi. Mika McKinnon is a Geophysicist and disaster researcher. She was a science consultant for Stargate Atlantis & Stargate Universe. When you saw the math equations It was her hand writing. Super nice and super smart lady !! Mika signed the back of our Stargate.

Stargate's Alaina Huffman "Lt. Tamara Johansen" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's David Nykl "Eli Wallace" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Paul McGillion "Dr Carson Beckett" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia

Stargate's Colin Cunningham "Major Paul Davis" Visiting Empire Movie Memorabilia